Tuesday, 22 January 2013

We all contain his Light and glory.

Praying with a friend tonight and had this picture of a key hole within every man and woman's heart. At the core of each individual lay this keyhole. God had a key to every ones heart. These keyholes were designed to be unlocked, behind them lay bright white illuminating light. As the key turned in the heart lock, light began
to shine out. The divine purpose, abilities, talents, gifts, spiritual truths & desires of the inner man became to pour out. I heard the scripture, ' Those who have ears to hear, let him hear. Those who have eyes to see, let him see.' God is within everyone of us. Not one human being is created outside of the image of God. We all contain his Light and glory. The only difference between us is that some see this and allow it to be released, others are either unaware or uninterested in its discovery. Either way, light exists within every heart. Potential, fulfilment, peace, individuality, creativity, passion, purpose....it lies within you. Why don't you allow God to turn that key in your heart and be free to be yourself. The real you! The one created in Gods image. Don't be blind to the spiritual, don't close your ears. Awake! Arise! Let your light shine! Shine like stars!

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