Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Are you ready?

So I woke this morning and I heard a voice within me say, 

"Are you ready?"

It filled my heart with intrepid excitement. I wondered what it is that I should be getting ready for? 

I had a picture in my mind of an old fashioned watch, the type that hung on a chain and it displayed beautifully, ornate hands.

'What is this time I am in, and what is approaching?'

So this afternoon, as my baby sleeps, I sat and closed my eyes. Meditating in a peaceful place, simply asking speak.
All at one I see transparent ,white, curtains, floating, blowing in a gentle breeze. I feel the warmth from a spring day of sunshine coming from the other side of the curtain.
So I put my hand out to go forward, through the curtain to see what is on the other side.
I see Jesus. (As I often do in these visions) and he smiles at me. I realise I am so, very small, like a 6 year old little girl. I see a desk, like an old school desk, made of pale wood and a chair. He pulls back the chair for me to sit. He hands me a quill. With a beautiful black, floaty feather. It projects creativity. He dips it in the ink and hands it to me and smiles.

My heart is fill of excitement at this point. I love to write!

He continues and as I start to think of what to write about, He interrupts my thoughts;
"Just write about the things you have"

I ponder over all the spiritual experiences I have had, the awareness that I have experienced and my face breaks into a deep smile.
Then to my right, I am suddenly aware of a great, big, open space, full of green grass and a picnic table and a tree. It is so inviting, I just have the urge to leave my desk and run into its space.
"Come on!"
I shout playfully and He follows me, running after me like a spirited father would.
I run and play, and then he stopps me.
"You are my child, and we are made of the same."

He pulls out of his sleeve a colourful piece of flag bunting. I grab a hold of it and walk backwards. It seems endless, I keep pulling it out of his sleeve and like a magicians trick, it has no end. I run all around the field and then I see I can run around the whole of the world. So I do so, again and again until the world is covered in brightly coloured bunting.

"It wont run out! " he laughs, "Take as much as you choose."

He bends down and whispers in my ear.
"Your spirit has no age."

I wonder what he means, but then I see.I am him and He is me, and only in this physical world do we compare people or connect according to our age. Our physical bodies age, but our spirits do not. They are eternal, there is no end to them.
He whispers again.
"So, you can write and share about these times to your hearts content.."

This picture went on to show me a small door containing my past, and it was like an alice in wonderland door. So, very small and it had brought me through a very 'narrow' corridor to get to my present understandings. He asked me not to re open that door and not to return to old ways of thinking, even though he could not lock the door for me, I could choose to stay away from it. To not return.

Why do I share this? Because I feel I should. I feel we are ever made aware of the spiritual life available to us, we will all experience it differently, in differing cultures and creeds, but ultimately, what is important, is that we are engaging with ourselves fully and living lives that are bursting with passion and life!! Be who you are created to be!

Bless you all. Rebekah ♥

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