Tuesday, 22 January 2013

fallen on the potters wheel.

I was talking to God this morning and explaining how I felt. Things dont always turn out as you imagined or expected. But what I do beyond that is down to me. He gave me a picture of a potters wheel, a man making a beautiful vase, but it slipped on the wheel and wobbled out of shape, until the beauty had disappeared. It was not only a poor sight to look at, but its function and use as a vessel had also been taken away. It could not carry or hold any water or wine. As I looked at this broken lump of clay God spoke to my heart. "You are this broken lump, things have shaken you out of shape and disappointment has left you flat. But you have a choice, You can recreate another vase, or you can remain broken. Who knows, maybe the second attempt will look even greater than the first? Perhaps you will be glad that you fell flat, so that the next vase could emerge? Will you get back on the potters wheel and start again? For I can only fill empty vessels, I can not fill lumps of broken clay. ♥'
Perhaps you are facing a new start, a beginning, a new day, Do you feel afraid to start again? Trust in God. He has never forsaken you. He is always willing to meet you at your point of need.


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