Friday, 22 October 2010

When autumn leaves, fall by my window...

I love this season,
the fall,
so crisp,
the reds,
oranges of the leaves,
the cold air,
cozy homes,
and family walks.

Here are some of our autumn days..

Scarecrow Ellie for her harvest festival.

Our harvest service at church..
The children doing a taste test in the service.

(Jessie trying an olive blindfold)
(Ellie's picture of me at church)

Our autumn gatherings.

Jessie got a grown up hair cut- lots off!! 
It was harder for me, she was so keen!
Ellie & Jessies drawings of God.
Jessie's drawing of God, with her Nanna talking to him, in his castle!

Hope you are all enjoying this season :-)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Fill ya's in...

Hello one and all!

I apologise for my absence,
I have been so busy with new schools,
being pregnant,
church events,
making a nursery,
trying to study and complete my course before this baby arrives..
the list goes on.
I'm afraid to say that blogging became a latter priority!

But a quick update.
I am 7 mnths pregnant now,
both Jessie and Ellie are settled into their new schools,
and things have been moving and changing around in expectation for our new arrival.

Baby nursery - owl theme.

Nursery incomplete, but everything we need in one place!
baby bump..
Jessie having a mamma hug with bump.

Girls on their first day at new schools..

Hoping you are all well and looking forward to catching up with you more soon. 


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