Monday, 11 October 2010

Fill ya's in...

Hello one and all!

I apologise for my absence,
I have been so busy with new schools,
being pregnant,
church events,
making a nursery,
trying to study and complete my course before this baby arrives..
the list goes on.
I'm afraid to say that blogging became a latter priority!

But a quick update.
I am 7 mnths pregnant now,
both Jessie and Ellie are settled into their new schools,
and things have been moving and changing around in expectation for our new arrival.

Baby nursery - owl theme.

Nursery incomplete, but everything we need in one place!
baby bump..
Jessie having a mamma hug with bump.

Girls on their first day at new schools..

Hoping you are all well and looking forward to catching up with you more soon. 

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great post thanks


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