Friday, 28 January 2011

The story behind the name..

Before I fell pregnant,
before I even thought of having more children,
before I was mildly broody...
God asked me a question.

"Will you have more children?"

I wasn't sure that I wanted to have more,
I had a little girl aged 2 and a 5 year old,
I hadn't really thought about more ..
but the question remained.
I thought about it.
I knew if God was asking me,
there was a choice.
He wasn't telling me..
My answer was something like this,

"God, I do not feel like it is something I want at this moment,
however, if it is your will for us to have more children for you,
then of course my answer is yes."

A year passed,
during that time,
I had a vision.
It was of a field of Poppies.
Beautiful, red flowers.
I asked God what this was,
he replied,

"This is a field of your harvest,
You have sown these seeds over the years and this is the harvest from it."

I was surprised.

Then I saw 3 little girls with red ribbons in their hair, 
they were descending in size, 
and carrying little baskets in their arms.
I wondered..
as I knew in my heart these were my children..
I just had 2 daughters at this time.

"They will reap the harvest in their generation.
Where you have sown,
they will reap.."
He continued..

I watched as they collected poppies and placed them in vases on a beautiful banquet table,
that had been prepared.
Jesus smiled.

On Ellies 3rd birthday,
I cried..
and cried!
My baby was growing up and it saddened me.
I was struck with broodiness,
and it was so strong!
We decided that we would try for another baby...
James loved the name Giorgia,

"If we have a girl, I would like her to be called Giorgia"

I looked up the meaning of Giorgia,
as I am one for giving a child not only a name,
but also a prophetic statement of who they are.
I was shocked to discover that her name meant,
"Tiller of the soil-harvester of the soil"
I was reminded of the vision.

Our other girls have double barrel names,
we wanted to decide on the second half of Giorgia's name when we met her..
we had a few ideas.

The day she was born,
we decided on the name

It wasn't one of the ones we had in mind, but it means 
and a
 Harvester of Life
may she be!

Life with three...

I remember wondering how I could stretch my love between 2 children,
 before my second daughter was born..
Of course you do and its easy...
Theres always enough love to go around..
Now I have three daughters,
and I'm full of love for them all!
I guess that is how God feels too!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Shes here!

Apologies for my absence!
Pregnancy and completing my counseling course took up all of my time.
I am happy to announce,
that baby,


has arrived,
7lb 5 oz.

4 hrs old
 2 days old 
 cuddling big sisters
 mumma snuggles
 tiny hands
 Dadda love

Teeny feet.

smiley dreams.

Happy sisters.
Jessie-Jane, Ellie-Faith & Giorgia-Evie.

We are very blessed and happy.


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