Thursday, 14 February 2013

Priceless pearls.

 Again the kingdom of heaven is like a man who is a dealer in search of fine and precious pearls, Who, on finding a single pearl of great price, went and sold all he had and bought it.

How important is it to us to find our true selves, find Light, find truth, spirituality, God? 
To some, perhaps not at all...but to someone who has had a little taste of such things, like a merchant, who knew his trade, upon finding the real deal, sold everything else he owned in order to purchase it!
 When you find the genuine article, you'll do what it takes to make sure it stays within your life. For in simple terms, it is good for you!
 It awakens you, nourishes, heals, cleans, guides, loves, comforts. The kingdom is not a distant place, set in heaven, far away. It is a substance. A substance of true life. It is where spirit abides and connects with us. I think, from personal experience, it is worth finding!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

What is it about us that desires to be seen?
I'm not talking about people noticing your physical being walking down the street, but to be really seen.
The part of us that is unseen to the naked eyes, the depths, the soul, the spirit, the heart of us.
It is true that you can be standing in a crowded room, surrounded by bodies, pressing up against your skin. Close enough to feel their breath, yet to feel alone. So very alone.
What satisfies that inner hunger?
What creates this need?
Can you hear me?
I guess this is why I have a desire to listen to others, I may fail at times, but I understand that need to get your heart out there. To be able to express your desires, your hopes, your dreams, your passions, your pains, in an environment of acceptance. To feel released to speak freely and honestly without being judged.
Do you identify with the cramping up of your chest when you start to talk to someone and see their blank reactions, or the condescending faces ready to pounce at your next given pause. This is not a good atmosphere to let your heart flow.
Agreed we are all different, I think this is why certain people form such close friendships. It is usually with the people you feel able to be yourself around.
Then there are those you avoid conversations with, because you have come to realise that no depth can be shared. You will skim the surface of your conversational skills and collect as much as you can to suffice a friendly chat, but you walk away feeling empty and a fraud.
 My heart swells with passion, creativity, childish questioning, pains,  screams, longings, desires, yet it often gets pushed back down to the depths of myself. A dark place in vain hope that it will not ache again for a while. Maybe it will lie low, long enough to allow me to carry on in life a little longer. Maybe not. Perhaps the cracks will start to show again soon? I believe this is part of the reason why I like to write, to document and pour out my heart onto a blank page. Sure enough, there's always plenty going on inside. As I view the outside world, through my childlike, timid eyes, I'm searching for someone who cares enough to see the ocean beneath.
 There is one I have found, I often leave him till last, a failing of mine perhaps? Someone who sees everything beyond this fleshly suit I wear. He knows my heart, my longings & my fears better than I. For he fashioned me. Created me, loved me and breathed life into my lungs. A friend like no other. For him, I am truly thankful.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Carry on regardless...

Some people will 'get' you. Others won't. Some will understand you, others won't. You can't please everyone and you'll possibly lose friends along the way. Carry on, carry on! Be true to yourself and what burns within your heart. Embrace those who want to be embraced, love anyway, despite opposition. "And if a town refuses to welcome you, shake it's dust from your feet as you leave to show that you have abandoned those people to their fate." You're likely to get hurt along the way. Learn from it and move on. ♥


Friday, 8 February 2013

Sick of it!

Reading a very interesting book. This part jumped out at me. Basically, we can do the same thing over and over until we get so disappointed/hurt/fed up with it! At that point, we have a choice. Do we carry on with this thing I keep attending, repeating, engaging, subjecting myself to or are we fed up enough to make a change?? We should always seek truth. Is it creating something positive in you? It may not be comfortable but that can still be good. I'm talking about things you do out of duty, routine, because you feel you should but actually it's doing you more harm than good! Stop it! Seek God, seek direction, seek purity and truth, seek fresh water. Whatever circumstance that relates to this, be real enough to walk away if it is draining you and harming you! You deserve the best!!! ♥


Saturday, 2 February 2013

The storm.

Do you feel like you are in a storm right now? 
Is everything difficult, unpredictable & frightening? It's Ok. I have been in many storms like these and our natural instinct is to get through them, as fast as we can! To reach the higher ground! This week I was challenged. I was thinking about a few challenges that I am facing and a picture came to mind. I saw a little boat in the rough, sea waters. The waves were crashing against the boat, the darkness closing in around. I stood at the front of the boat, looking out to sea, where I could see a slither of land in the distance. My gaze was fixed, my sights had been set. 'I must reach land, and the sooner I get there the better!'
Then I heard a voice, a quiet voice coming from behind me. I turned to see Jesus, lying in the boat, wrapped up warm in a cozy blanket. He was not getting wet by the splash of the waters. He motioned for me to come and sit with him. I hesitated, My heart was set on the horizon. Escaping the storm was my priority, but it seemed it was not his! 
I felt his voice sting my heart, " When you look to the safety of land, you miss all that I have for you within the storm. Land will always arrive, a brighter day, a sense of comfort, but you will miss out on what I have for you in the middle of the raging winds and crashing waves. Come sit with me a while and let me show you." 
Wisdom is carved out of the hard times, trust is fashioned in the uncertainty, faith is moulded within the fear, and compassion and love are fruits of such an experience. If you face a storm today, take heart! Don't seek to run from it, embrace it! For you are never alone! ♥



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