Monday, 30 August 2010

Camping trip

A catch up of our holidays.
I am growing 
Here is my 21 wk photo.

Jessie captured me in my pajamas, 
a bit blurry but its hers ;0)

Anyhow, we decided to camping in Chichester
this year,
the sun was shining when we booked..

not so much when we arrived!

It didnt dampen our spirits though,
the girls still wanted to jump in the heated pool and have a swim.
They were toasty..

We sat and observed the madness,
from under our umbrella!

James face was for effect-but you get the picture!
We dried them off, got dressed and headed into town for some dinner.

It was lovely and warm in the resteraunt - outside the rains just 
just poured and poured!!
That night was a noisy night under canvas!
I hardly slept,
partly due to pregnancy related issues,
and the rain!
The next morning, I woke really early and Ellie to,
we shared a warm cuppa and breakfast as James and Jessie slept.

The next few days were drier and we explored a bit.

Catching up on lost sleep- look at Jessies face n the netting!

Afternoon naps..

The bump in all its red-ness!
Then off for a family swim..

and very very warm showers,
that were hard to leave!!

Morning breakfast..

Morning campers!

We spent the day visiting my great aunt,
the girls great- great aunt.
They thought she was great when she opened a bag of goodies
for them each!

We had lovely weather as we explored the park.
A steam train ride..

Feeding the swans.

Climbing trees..

park fun..

All of us had a lovely time,
despite the first crazy night we had in the storm!
Baby bump and I were exhausted after it all.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Baby news..

We had the second scan today,
This time we wanted to know the sex of the baby.
We will be adding to our 
Its a 

We have a name we both like,
but just undecided on the second half.
Both our girls have 'double barrel' names.
(Two names as a first name)
& Ellie-Faith,
So we will think more on that.
Usually when you lay your eyes on the little face, 
face to face,
you have a knowing.

Here she is,
they think she may be a bit older than they first estimated,
which puts us closer to christmas than we thought!
God knows! :0)

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wedding fun!

This weekend we had a wonderful time at
the wedding of friends,
It was a beautiful day 
shared by all of our church,
family and friends.

Here are some pics.

Me & the Husband!

Me and Hannah

A scottish dance!

The girls from church and the Bride and groom.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Featured author

For today,
I am the featured author 
over at this website:

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Jessie is enjoying her holiday club,
she's learning about trusting God.

I wanted to have a go at this scripture learning idea
during our holidays.
The idea is,
you write down the alphabet,
one letter per line,
then you choose a scripture beginning with that letter and work 
through the scripture alphabet.

Here is my list of scriptures,
next the children get involved:

We wrote down the letter and then the verse,

This is Ellie's man, 
" He is blind, but he's still happy mamma!"

Jessie chose to write hers in the form of a list,

This is Ellie's picture (below) of God,
his promise to be with us always.

I noted his long legs.
"Ellie I love his long legs!"
"Yes, thats because he is like a big giant"
"That is kind of true, He is a big God,
it reminds me of that song, My God is so big..."
(They start to join in)
"So strong and so mighty, there's nothing that He can not do!"

Ellie, " Ac-tully there is something He cant do...Fly a kite!"


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Summer holls!

Summer holidays are well and truly under way,
This week Jessie is at our Church holiday club,
Its a great event,
each morning,
children from church,
Un-churched kids from the area,
meeting to learn about God and who he is,
in a fun way!

Each summer, we set to making a 
Summer board
where the girls tell me things that they want to 
do over the holidays,
we find pictures and make a list,
so when we start each day,
we have a choice of activities.

Here we are making the 
summer board.

One of the things on their list was to visit the local park
with pool.

We went with lots of Mums and their children,
had a picnic,
had an ice cream,
cup of tea,
and time in the park too.

Ellie and Jessie are so very excited about 
having a baby brother or sister,
Ellie has told me she needs to,
'Practice hard to be a great Big Sister!'
Here she is ...

Summer holidays are not always a walk in the park,
I often find that,
having the girls together all day and every day,
tensions can rise and so can their voices!

I found this lovely idea on a creative blog,
We have used it a lot!


Learn scripture,
relevant to what you are learning at the time.

Don't shout at each other!
A soft answer turns away anger!

Each 'soft' answer is rewarded with a soft
feather in the jar...
when the jar is full,
we all get a nice treat.

Its a work in progress.....


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