Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Jessie is enjoying her holiday club,
she's learning about trusting God.

I wanted to have a go at this scripture learning idea
during our holidays.
The idea is,
you write down the alphabet,
one letter per line,
then you choose a scripture beginning with that letter and work 
through the scripture alphabet.

Here is my list of scriptures,
next the children get involved:

We wrote down the letter and then the verse,

This is Ellie's man, 
" He is blind, but he's still happy mamma!"

Jessie chose to write hers in the form of a list,

This is Ellie's picture (below) of God,
his promise to be with us always.

I noted his long legs.
"Ellie I love his long legs!"
"Yes, thats because he is like a big giant"
"That is kind of true, He is a big God,
it reminds me of that song, My God is so big..."
(They start to join in)
"So strong and so mighty, there's nothing that He can not do!"

Ellie, " Ac-tully there is something He cant do...Fly a kite!"



Colleen said...

that is too cute! What a great idea! I've never thought to do it that way before. Maybe I'll try that out sometime :-)

beingzaraandzidan said...

hey, how u been? I am back from my vacation. I liked this post or urs. Hows yr health? I am gonna take out sum time to visit ur older posts. Keep up the gud work


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