Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Summer holls!

Summer holidays are well and truly under way,
This week Jessie is at our Church holiday club,
Its a great event,
each morning,
children from church,
Un-churched kids from the area,
meeting to learn about God and who he is,
in a fun way!

Each summer, we set to making a 
Summer board
where the girls tell me things that they want to 
do over the holidays,
we find pictures and make a list,
so when we start each day,
we have a choice of activities.

Here we are making the 
summer board.

One of the things on their list was to visit the local park
with pool.

We went with lots of Mums and their children,
had a picnic,
had an ice cream,
cup of tea,
and time in the park too.

Ellie and Jessie are so very excited about 
having a baby brother or sister,
Ellie has told me she needs to,
'Practice hard to be a great Big Sister!'
Here she is ...

Summer holidays are not always a walk in the park,
I often find that,
having the girls together all day and every day,
tensions can rise and so can their voices!

I found this lovely idea on a creative blog,
We have used it a lot!


Learn scripture,
relevant to what you are learning at the time.

Don't shout at each other!
A soft answer turns away anger!

Each 'soft' answer is rewarded with a soft
feather in the jar...
when the jar is full,
we all get a nice treat.

Its a work in progress.....


Claudia said...

Rebekah, i love both ideas - the one with the summer board and the one with the feather jar - how lovely to picture a bible verse so visible - fantastic!

Laura said...

The feather in the jar is SUCH a cute idea! I wonder if I can use it at school with the kiddos I'm going to student teach :)

Rebekah said...

yes I'm sure you could! Its a good reminder when they start to shout....I just say, " A soft answer...?"
And they know immediately the rest and make a note to soften their voices.


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