Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Catching up....

Hi Everyone,

its been a while and I have been busy with end of term and being pregnant.

So just going to devote a few posts to catching up.


So, first up, Our little Ellie-Faith turned 4 years in July:

Here she is with Big sister Jessie.
She had a lovely party,
with a few friends.

Then it was nearing the end of both their school years.
Jessie will be moving up a school,
Ellie up a year.
It is a lovely small village school that they have attended and so loved and
looked after,
we made the teachers Thank-you gifts.

We took plain wooden hearts, painted them white.

Added simple gingham ribbon,

Add the word Thank-you to all of the hearts.

Then we stuck on cute polka dot wooden shapes to finish the look.

Then we put these 'hand made by' stickers on the backs of the hearts,
with Ellies name. 

We also gave each teacher a rose with wrapping paper and matching ribbon
and a home made cookie.

A hand written thank-you card was made by both Jessie and Ellie,
to say how much they have loved these years in school.

It was a pretty emotional week for me,
more so because hormones were raging,
but it was the end of a lovely era.

Ellie will be starting big school in September 
and Jessie onto her Junior school,
We had a talent show, end of term assembly where Jessie performed a ballet
routine by herself to the whole school and parents,
I was so proud of her.
She said she was shaking with nerves but everyone said she
looked cool as a cucumber!

They were each given a book mark from the school,
to remind them of their years at the school.

On the last day,
all the friends sat and had photos taken outside their class 
before we left.

All these close friends will be going onto the next school,
so they are happily staying together.
They are all very excited for the new school and
had lots to talk about!

I however got very sentimental at the realization of my big girl,
and found comfort in the simple things.



Claudia said...

Ah - the simple things like coffee and chocolate - fantastic and comforting...
The hearts are so lovely and I think it's a huge thing if we can see and participate in those "milestones" in our kids' lives...

Julie said...

Yes..the simple things...love them.

It really is true...we blink..and they grow up!! I love the little wooden hearts you all made. What a gift from the heart!

Anonymous said...

They do grow up fast, don't they. My oldest turns 17 next month. Even though I was only 16 when I got pregnant with her, I am still in shock that much time has flown by. Your daughters are so beautiful! I loved the crafts you guys made for their teachers!! :) As for the simple things like coffee and chocolate, oh mama.. I'm right ther ewith ya! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site rebekahknight.blogspot.com
Is this possible?

Rebekah said...

Sorry anonymous I am not sure what you mean? Can you explain a bit more? Thanks


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