Monday, 30 August 2010

Camping trip

A catch up of our holidays.
I am growing 
Here is my 21 wk photo.

Jessie captured me in my pajamas, 
a bit blurry but its hers ;0)

Anyhow, we decided to camping in Chichester
this year,
the sun was shining when we booked..

not so much when we arrived!

It didnt dampen our spirits though,
the girls still wanted to jump in the heated pool and have a swim.
They were toasty..

We sat and observed the madness,
from under our umbrella!

James face was for effect-but you get the picture!
We dried them off, got dressed and headed into town for some dinner.

It was lovely and warm in the resteraunt - outside the rains just 
just poured and poured!!
That night was a noisy night under canvas!
I hardly slept,
partly due to pregnancy related issues,
and the rain!
The next morning, I woke really early and Ellie to,
we shared a warm cuppa and breakfast as James and Jessie slept.

The next few days were drier and we explored a bit.

Catching up on lost sleep- look at Jessies face n the netting!

Afternoon naps..

The bump in all its red-ness!
Then off for a family swim..

and very very warm showers,
that were hard to leave!!

Morning breakfast..

Morning campers!

We spent the day visiting my great aunt,
the girls great- great aunt.
They thought she was great when she opened a bag of goodies
for them each!

We had lovely weather as we explored the park.
A steam train ride..

Feeding the swans.

Climbing trees..

park fun..

All of us had a lovely time,
despite the first crazy night we had in the storm!
Baby bump and I were exhausted after it all.

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