Friday, 28 January 2011

The story behind the name..

Before I fell pregnant,
before I even thought of having more children,
before I was mildly broody...
God asked me a question.

"Will you have more children?"

I wasn't sure that I wanted to have more,
I had a little girl aged 2 and a 5 year old,
I hadn't really thought about more ..
but the question remained.
I thought about it.
I knew if God was asking me,
there was a choice.
He wasn't telling me..
My answer was something like this,

"God, I do not feel like it is something I want at this moment,
however, if it is your will for us to have more children for you,
then of course my answer is yes."

A year passed,
during that time,
I had a vision.
It was of a field of Poppies.
Beautiful, red flowers.
I asked God what this was,
he replied,

"This is a field of your harvest,
You have sown these seeds over the years and this is the harvest from it."

I was surprised.

Then I saw 3 little girls with red ribbons in their hair, 
they were descending in size, 
and carrying little baskets in their arms.
I wondered..
as I knew in my heart these were my children..
I just had 2 daughters at this time.

"They will reap the harvest in their generation.
Where you have sown,
they will reap.."
He continued..

I watched as they collected poppies and placed them in vases on a beautiful banquet table,
that had been prepared.
Jesus smiled.

On Ellies 3rd birthday,
I cried..
and cried!
My baby was growing up and it saddened me.
I was struck with broodiness,
and it was so strong!
We decided that we would try for another baby...
James loved the name Giorgia,

"If we have a girl, I would like her to be called Giorgia"

I looked up the meaning of Giorgia,
as I am one for giving a child not only a name,
but also a prophetic statement of who they are.
I was shocked to discover that her name meant,
"Tiller of the soil-harvester of the soil"
I was reminded of the vision.

Our other girls have double barrel names,
we wanted to decide on the second half of Giorgia's name when we met her..
we had a few ideas.

The day she was born,
we decided on the name

It wasn't one of the ones we had in mind, but it means 
and a
 Harvester of Life
may she be!


Nili said...

I love her name and the vision God gave you is a wonderful treasure. So glad to "hear" that you and yours are doing well!

Sarah D said...

Thats beautiful

Becky said...

Oh, I love this post!! It's just beautiful as is your brand new baby girl! I love the meaning behind baby names. They are so precious and should have special names to go with them! Stevie is Stephen Matthew...the reverse of his Daddy's names, crowned gift of God. I also love highlighting verses including the meaning of our babies names! I made a name board with baby pictures and the verses hanging in his room!

Thank you so much for finding me again! My laptop I lost some of my favorite blog links!! I'm 29 weeks pregnant, due May 5th! This little one (gender a surprise) will either be Joshua Gabriel...My God is Mighty to Save (God is my salvation and my strength) or Lydia Faith (beautiful and faithful). We're very excited! Congratulations!!


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