Friday, 22 October 2010

When autumn leaves, fall by my window...

I love this season,
the fall,
so crisp,
the reds,
oranges of the leaves,
the cold air,
cozy homes,
and family walks.

Here are some of our autumn days..

Scarecrow Ellie for her harvest festival.

Our harvest service at church..
The children doing a taste test in the service.

(Jessie trying an olive blindfold)
(Ellie's picture of me at church)

Our autumn gatherings.

Jessie got a grown up hair cut- lots off!! 
It was harder for me, she was so keen!
Ellie & Jessies drawings of God.
Jessie's drawing of God, with her Nanna talking to him, in his castle!

Hope you are all enjoying this season :-)


Anonymous said...

What a fun time it seems like is going on for you all. Your girls are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I loved the pictures Rebekah! Boy do I know how it feels to cut your daughters hair. I have a little experience in that. They're always happier than I am. lol Just so you know, I made 2 of my Blogs private. If you want to still read it, just email me at


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