Monday, 1 November 2010

Moving forward?

I found myself recently asking God a question,
"What is the key to living a spiritually balanced, pleasing life?"
I knew it was a very broad question,
that had many elements,
but I am keen to know how to please God in my life,
receive His blessing and accomplish all that He has for me.
I know we are all given purpose and goals and vision,
and we can make the mark sometimes,
fail other times.
Sometimes we can be full of peace and security,
despite the darkest circumstances,
other times we can be over run with emotions,
anxiety and seem to miss God's best.
So I asked him this question.

I know that we can come to God and ask Him questions,
I remembered this lovely verse:

 Keep on keeping on at God. Keep asking - you'll get it. Keep searching - you'll find it. Keep pushing the doors - you'll get through. If you don't ask, you won't recognise the answer. If you don't search, you won't remember what you're looking for. If you don't push the door, you won't know if it's been opened.

I was given a picture in my mind,
of an old fashioned cart,
motionless on a rail track.

This, I felt represented, 
 the foundation of the word of God.
The law of Moses,
our safety net,
our boundaries,
Gods standards for our lives.
This is the vehicle in which we travel.
But this was not enough on its own.
The vehicle was mot moving.
It contained us,
held us,
but it was not enough on its own.
Something was missing!
Then I felt God speak the answer to my heart.

His Spirit,
Our obedience,
were the motion in the wheels.

It was all very well having the foundation,
the rules, 
the knowledge of His word,
but without these vital ingredients,
we were not moving forward.

willingness to follow Him,
Being open to His will,
willing to be soft clay in His hands.

This was the force that moved us along 
in His will and purpose.

Know His word,
Know His ways,
Follow His Spirit,
all of your days.

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