Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fall back..trust

I was thinking about all the changes that are taking place in my life at the moment. Lots of unfamiliar territory approaching. Just as I was starting to entertain 'worry', I had an image in mind. It was of a group of people playing trust games. One was blindfolded, standing on a heigh ledge. A group of people stood underneath her and she had to fall backwards, trusting the people below to catch her. I knew immediately what God was asking of me. "Trust me" he said in a strong, secure voice. ♥
We may not have far seeing vision all the time, sometimes our faith is exercised in times of blindness. Forcing us to become child like. Grasping for a fathers hand, a secure grip to hold onto, foot prints to follow in the path. Trust God to guide you into safe pastures. ♥


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