Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Déjà vu, God is that you?

So, sometimes I get this feeling. It's a kind of like a déjà vu feeling. Like my spirit knows something but my mind can't connect to it.
It nags at me, until I pull myself away, to find a quiet space and give it room to speak. I listen, quiet my soul and allow room to hear the inner voice. Call it intuition, call it God's internal voice. We all have the ability to hear it, if we give it room.
So hear I am, quieting my self to hear. I closed my eyes and asked God to flow freely in my thoughts. I pictured a river, flowing through my core and I put up no resistance to its waters.
There it is, I instantly see a green image, two rows of tall green trees with grass running through the middle. I sense new growth, richness, life & strength. A hard, sturdy, floor on which to run.
This place represents my new home to be-London. I stand in awe of the tall trees, insignificant in their shade, yet covered by them, hidden, protected, sheltered. I feel safe, I feel fresh, like a new page in a book, no scribblings from past days.
This is new. Like the first day of spring, signs of winter are gone, new buds appearing, life starting again.
I breathe it in, I allow that sensation to penetrate my heart. I want to accept this message from God and really acknowledge what he is showing me. I smile, I am thankful for the days to come, I feel he is preparing me for this new day ahead. A new season for me, my family and many adventures to come.
Thankful for the knowledge of God's existence, thankful for his comfort, his peace, his guidance. Even when I am afraid and apprehensive of the future and all that is unknown, he stoops down and whispers in my ear. 'All is well my love. All is well.'
The warmth of his smile is felt, like the warmth of the sun on my skin.


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