Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oh how he loves us!

I once had a vision, where I was in the universe, being gently pulled along by something. Drawn magnetically, it seemed, to something in the vast universe. Soon I came to a stop, I found myself hovering, suspended in space. As I looked down at my feet, I saw darkness and space, to my left and right, stars, and darkness everywhere. Something was holding me carefully. I then saw infront of me. An enormous face!

I knew at once it was the face of God. As I looked into his huge, penetrative eyes, I saw the universe within his pupils, then I had this awareness that I was in his eyes also. This caused a strange sensation to fill my being. I felt his overwhelming love fill me, I felt like I was a part of Him, and that he contained me within his gaze. We were intimately connected. Surrounded and filled with this indescribable love, I came to the conclusion that traditions and religions have at times mis represented God. Standing face to face, I detected no hatred, anger or wrath. All I could feel was immense love. I was the apple of his eye, and he wanted me to know it! ♥ 

Oh how he loves us!


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