Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cat on lap

Cat on Lap

'How will you live your life?'
I hear you ask.
Will you live it slow?
Or will you live fast?
Taking time to watch the grass grow,
Sipping at a cup of tea, slow.
Racing by, staring out the window,
Trees become a green, brown blur,
With the excitement of a child,
You take it all in.

Easy path,
Cat on lap?
Perhaps a bit of both?
I look back over the years,
The decades,
So many seasons,
Come and gone.
Some remain true,
Others bring a smile to my face,
But are out of touch.

I would rather dance next to the devil,
To be left out of breath,
Than choose not to dance.
To swim with sharks,
Leave the ocean with a few scars,
Than to never have swam.
Get up.
Get up.

For me,
To live,
To really live,
Involves pushing past fears,
Downing sorrow,
Coming up for air,
With a story.
Waking with your loved one,
In the morning.

For life is not made up of the perfectly pronounced,
The foreseen,
Pre planned notions.
Life is a choice,
Millions of tiny rough roads,
Each with an invitation.

So for now,
Head down,
Swallow the fear,
Embrace the path.
Accept the invitation,
To another season.
To become, another page in my life’s story.

Cat on lap,
Slippers on,
Your time will come.
For now,
I run.

(c) rebekah knight 2012


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