Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New places to run free

' I found myself approaching a large green open field. I stood a moment taking in my new surroundings. A tree with low branches, casting shade and shelter to its own trunk lay directly in front of me. A river, ran quietly along the bank, the grass swayed back and forth in the gentle, warm breeze. I pulled in a deep breath. I could taste the warmth of the air and the sun was shining directly onto my face, warming my skin and filling me with a sweet, satisfied swell. My heart seemed to be skipping, like an excited child. As my eyes digested this new open space, I knew I was going to enjoy running, dancing, sitting, swimming, talking to my heavenly father and enjoying a time of close fellowship with Him. I felt like a little girl who had been given a wonderfully lavish gift and I was distinctly overwhelmed and excited at the same time.
' My father loves me!' I was all warm with gratitude. I felt as if, in this moment, scales were falling off my eyes and beams of warm light were melting away any misconceptions
of my fathers love toward me. For years I had been held in dark places, feeling that God was angry at me, that I was a failure and a mess. But my walk with Him just kept opening up more and more of his perfect love. It was undeniable and I was hooked. The more of his love I felt, the more freedom I felt. ' (c) Rebekah knight 2011


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