Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Living flame

'Keep your eyes fixed on me. I am your father; I created you. I know you. I see you. Every area of your being, I created. Every thought, every doubt, every desire, everything is for me and made by me. When you speak, it is my breath leaving your mouth. When you see, it is through my eyes. When you sing, it is my song upon your lips, when you dance; it is my movement that you express. I am going to turn you into a living flame. Like a flame, you will declare my existence, my life, my passion and my love. You will be a flame that consumes the lies. Your life will burn away the dross of religion and tradition that has portrayed me as a dull coal. They have said that I am unable to consume, that I am unable to ignite. You know the truth. Speak the truth. Do not fear; I am with you, to the end of the age. I am with you.’

[c] Rebekah knight 2012


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