Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Small you -big dreams?

Here I am in Cape town, South Africa. Standing against an enormous tree with a friend of mine. Look How small we both look! I was just thinking, as I ponder on expanding and branching out in a few areas. How daunting the bigger picture or the destination can seem. Like these trees, our big dreams or ideas can seem to tower over us and we can feel too insignificant and not know where to start. But, just like this tree...it started as a seed. It too had to start in the darkness. It's only mission was to seek out the light. If we keep our eyes focussed on finding the light, we will push out past the darkness of the soil. Past the place of ideas and move into sprouting and growing. Our dreams must start first with an idea, then they will grow if we do not give in. Put your face heavenward, seek Gods help in all you do and push past the things that daunt you. soon you will be amazed at what you have achieved! ♥


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