Sunday, 27 January 2013

From these eyes.

Looking out, from within,
I gaze at my life, 
here on earth.
Through these eyes of mine,
I watch.

Like a cinematic screen,
the movie rolls,
I see my teen years, my childish laugh.
My playful banter,
jumping in the hay.

Running through the grassy fields,
singing with my friends,
friendships gone,
but not forgotten.

Conversations recalled,
hands held,
family members embraced.
Through these eyes,
I watch.

I see my life,
through these eyes,
 I am the same inside.
As life plays on,
stopping for no one, 
through these eyes,
I watch. 

I am the same,
being carried along.
My body, outside, begins to age.
But I remain the same.
Behind these eyes,
I watch. 

People I have loved,
people I have lost.
I can not return to these scenes,
that play before my eyes.
I can not embrace those hands,
those hearts.
The time is gone,
This play goes on,
behind these eyes,
I watch.

Rebekah Knight (c) 2013

This came out of a dream I had, where I re lived my past, from a binocular type of view, through my own eyes.
As I remembered all the days that I had lived, I embraced those past days.
 I  felt deeply effected.
At the end of the dream,
I was speaking to an old friend,
and in conclusion I was telling her that I get effected by sentimentality. It always stirs me, moves me and causes me to make a change some how.
 At the end of the dream, I was an old lady.
Perhaps it is a reminder at how fast these years on earth are?
Perhaps it is a reminder that we need to embrace those around us while we still can?
It certainly made me think.


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