Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Returning from the school run

Returning from the school run.

Open the door, 
to find,
shoes on the floor,
washing basket full.

Coats off,
Shoes off,
hang your coat on the peg.
"Hold still, don't wriggle,
hand me your leg."

Milk has been left out,
cereal poured,
crumbs lie on the carpet.

that were meant to be in school bags,
left on the work tops.

Duvets crumpled,
Toothpaste squeezed,
hair brushes on the floor.

Pyjamas abandoned,
coffee cups half empty,
yesterdays socks.

A sigh,
turns to a smile.
It's a mess, but it is a reminder.

A reminder that I am not alone.
I have a home,
people who share it with me,
A blessing indeed,
A family.

Rebekah Knight (c) 2012


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