Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Do you ever wonder how vast God is?

Do you ever wonder how vast God is? does he go beyond religion? Whete Does He have a beginning or an end? Where do YOU fit in it all? How can you know him more? I wrote this tonight as I felt his voice speak.... Rebekah.

'Throw yourself backwards, see if I don't catch you.
Dare to jump off the edge of reason,
I will meet you.
Throw your cares out, watch the wind carry them away.
Explore ideas that exist outside of knowledge.
Climb over the walls, adventure beyond the constructed perimeters.
I live beyond, outside, within and all.
Try and lose me? You will fail.
Try to get lost? I will find.
You are safe, you are held, suspended in me.
Hovering in universal wonders, stars and constellations.
You were, you are, you always will be... Hidden in me.


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