Saturday, 9 January 2010

Worship God with our lives.

Do we Worship God with our lives?

I was reading this passage this morning:
It is the story of Abraham sending his Chief servant  Eliezer in search of a suitable wife for his son Isaac.

It made me think about the hand of God in that situation. God had promised Abraham, that he would send an Angel ahead of the servant, to bring a wife home for Isaac.

What caused Rebekah to say yes?
 ( Eliezer was sure that God had already prepared the heart of one woman in response to his quest.)

Did she recognize the hand of God in the situation?

 How often do we embrace divine appointments?

 How do we respond when destiny comes calling?

The Angel went up ahead- leading the servant Elizer to a family belonging to Abraham.
 (Abraham's niece - Rebekah.)

What did the Angel do when he went up ahead?

What caused Rebekah to offer the camels extra water and then to offers a place to stay to this man?

God had cleared the way, preparing the hearts of all those to be involved. But, Rebekah still had to agree to this plan!!
( 58So they called Rebekah and said to her, Will you go with this man? And she said, I will go.)

What is worship?

Part of Worship is to give honor and respect to something or someone.
 Honor  is to accept something as valid and to conform to its request or demands.

This year....

We could be like Elizer;  we could feel we have things to achieve and we may not know how these things will be come to be.  Through prayer and trust we can believe that God has pathed the way ahead of us.

We could also be a lot like Rebekah. We need to bow our knee at what God sends our way. We need to say yes to the plans that God puts in our path. Unexpected or preconceived, the answer we give, should always be , " Yes lord!"

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