Friday, 22 January 2010

Healthy living.

Morning everyone!
This is a piece from my morning.

Winter blues and winter weather can bring skin change, a feeling of sluggishness,
and generally the season of flu and feeling a little less than on top form.
I personally suffer from dry skin and have to adjust my skin care routine slightly in these winter months. I am using totally organic and home made products now.
As I have got older James and I have become more 'health aware'
I think becoming a mother and a wife made me think a lot more about what we eat as a family
and how we keep healthy.
As a rule, we tend to eat a very Mediterranean diet.
We love Olives, watercress, garlic, fresh vegetables, grilled meats etc.
There is an increasing awareness for the benefits
comparison of Organic food products,
fortunately the supermarkets now have a wonderful selection of organic products, that are of good
quality and also affordable. I used to find the organic products were very expensive in comparison.
Most products on the market have an organic alternative.

Most of the products in Asda have an organic alternative, not all state it on this list, but the eggs, tomatoes etc are also organic.
I recently had to re think my diet and change what I ate as I discovered I have a wheat intolerance.
At first it seemed that I would not be able to eat anything, but also, a great 'free from' range exists in supermarkets these days.
I have found it to be a far healthier diet, cutting out wheat based breads, pizza bases, pastas & snacks etc.

Something I recently discovered was this:

It is called a '9 bar'
It is made with Mixed seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, carob, honey, oil and hemp.
It is gluten free & also dairy free.
I found it a great breakfast bar and as a snack.
Seeds and flax have a good source of omega 3, which are good for skin cells.

For the kiddies:

We are blessed that we don't have children who are too fussy about what they eat.
From babies, they have generally eaten what we will be eating- I used to just blend it
and not season what they ate.
There are a few things Jessie has a dislike to, like spicy food, but on the whole,
they eat very well. For on the go snacks and lunch box food, there are some great healthy,
organic options, dried fruits, fruit bars, smoothies..

Something we like at the moment, (although the range is aimed at babies/toddlers)
is the Ella's kitchen range. Pure, organic products, in a squeezy container, for drinking.

They do savory meals-designed for babies,but Jessie and Ellie enjoy the fruit puree.
It is just like a fruit smoothie-to go!

So, thats a few of my healthy eating ideas.

Stay Happy, stay healthy, be blessed and anointed and filled with the knowledge of God!


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Joyeful said...

We LOVE mediterranean foods too!! And you sound like you are a very healthy family ; ) Your girls are adorable and you have a lovely space here!

Wonderful to meet you!


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