Saturday, 30 January 2010


I was spending time pondering on life and this year during this week. I was asking God what he would have me do, invest in, step back from, that sort of thing. He replied with one word. "Purpose

I felt him speak so strongly, with such clarity into my heart- "search for your purpose in me and you will find all the answers to your questions" 

I stood still, contemplating that word. Then I looked it up, to get a deeper grasp of its true meaning and objective. Just spend a moment looking at this with me:

Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

motive, motivation, grounds, cause, occasion, reason, point, basis, justification.

intention, aim, object, objective, goal, end, plan, scheme, target; ambition, aspiration.

determination, resolution, resolve, steadfastness, backbone, drive, push, enthusiasm, ambition, motivation, commitment, conviction, dedication; informal get-up-and-go.

Our purpose in this life, has been drawn up and hand sketched by our heavenly Father, some live life, never discovering their purpose and potential, others may scratch the surface, but get put off by what it may entail, and some find their purpose, live it its full potential. I want to be in the latter category! 
I believe we are created for divine purpose and when we tap into that, live in harmony with it, we will find true contentment. Everything else will somehow fit and work with that ultimate purpose. 
I have been personally challenged to seek my purpose in God.  

I have many ideas and gifts that I am already aware of and use, but what is the ultimate purpose for me being given those gifts? Its exciting to think that God has placed something so special in every individual heart. He has given us a purpose in this life. A purpose in him. 

My prayer is that I wont live in the mediocre, but that i will cling to that which is true and alive. 

be blessed this week!

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