Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow prints.

I was walking home in the snow the other day. I had this overwhelming sense of God being all around me. I could feel his presence pressing into me and I felt hugely peaceful and full of warmth. I smiled to myself. I was looking down at my spotty wellies as they crunched into the snow underfoot.
As each foot lifted, it left it's mark in the virgin snow. I looked around me to see other footprint trails, some heading off  in the opposite direction, some very tiny prints, some dog paw prints. Every print was different in some way. The pattern on each shoe differed in some way, and no trail was in exactly the same place as another.
 This made me think, how we all make our mark in life. Even when we are simply walking through life, we can't help but leave a print or an impression on someone. Everyone of us has an individual mark to make, sometimes it can seem that we arn't affecting or touching anyone, but we are. Often in our own feelings of insignificance, we are leaving a mark somewhere. Good or bad, we all have footprints that we leave in the memories and thoughts of others. My question is, 

  " What kind of impression will you leave? Will it be one of love, understanding, faith, hope and challenge or will it be one of despair, hatred, worry, gloom and sadness?"

 We can't help making footprints in this life, but we can make a choice on how they look when looked upon in the light of eternity.



Hannah said...

Lets keep praying we'll leave God shaped footprints. Love u Hxxxx

rebekah said...

I like that Han! Amen. See you Tuesday! X

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebekah.. what a beautiful post! I look forward to following you :)

rebekah said...

Thankyou kristy, blessings. :0) x


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