Sunday, 25 April 2010


Here I am,
standing before thee.
Nothing hidden,
nothing kept.
Here I am, tears make their path,
down my dusty face.
Tried and tested,
Here I am.

Desperate and thirsty,
longing for more. 
Fill me!
Here I stand, 
questioning your reasons,
for choosing a daughter
like me.
Words I can not muster,
thoughts I cant find.

My depths in your arms become like shallow waters.
You see my standing,
You see my sitting,
You know the framework within.
You placed my heart here,
You placed my soul,
You breathed your life into me.

Dry bones,
was all I was, when you reached out your hand.
I was as dry as the hot sand in the desert.
Waters, so living, now fill my soul,
Cooling the pain.
The pain I feel,
for the lost,
the broken,
the confused,
the angry,
the hurting...

Reach down dear Lord,
touch my heart once again,
reassure my heart with your  hope.
For I am transparent before thee.
Nothing hidden,
nothing kept.
your will be done...


Julie said...

"My depths in your arms become like shallow waters."

Even when I don't understand myself,I love that He understands..and knows me...I am NOT complex to Him.

Beautiful words!

Lynda Young said...

oh wow..this is beautiful~! Very poignant.

Rebecca said...

Amen I need that today!


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