Monday, 12 April 2010

Honest blog award!

I've been given an award!
Thanks Rachel,

According to the rules, I have to share 10 honest things about myself with you, 
and then pass the award on to ten of my favorite bloggers. Here it goes!

1) I love to sing, I write songs, put them to music and record them.
They are based on life, faith & God..
I am not a great performer..I'm shy ( Bashful smile)
but I have used my songs for various things.
They are kind of like journals with melodies.

2) I lost my mum at the age of 19.
She was a wonderful woman,
an inspiration,
a lover of God,
and a great friend.
I thank God for his love and support 
around the time of her illness and death.

Janice ( Mum & Me!) 

3) I messed up around her ill years.
I struggled to cope.
I felt lost,
I sought comfort in all the wrong places.
I felt ashamed.

4) I found hope, before she died,
I found myself crying out to God one night,
to help me.
I told him he needed to take care of my life,
and I wanted his help.
I got filled with His peace,
and I began to laugh!
( I hadn't laughed for a long time!)
My circumstanses hadn't changed,
but he had changed me.
I had his Joy in my heart.
I turned to his word and read
"For I know the plans I have for you,"
says the lord.
"Plans, not to bring you harm,
but to bring you hope and a good future!"
Jeremiah 29:11

5) I began to have dreams.
I started to get dreams of heavenly things,
peaceful places, 
wonderful sights.
I knew I had spent time with God during these times.
He was filling my heart with Hope.

6) He established a foundation of love in my heart.
I had always said,
that if God took my Mum away,
I would never forgive him.
I was wrong.
He loved on me,
fed me,
clothed me,
comforted me,
like no other could.

7) Years on, I met my husband.
He was younger than I.
He was smitten, I was not.
He came to know God through our friendship,
after a whille I realized,
I didnt want to lose him!
He was my best friend.
We got married.

8) We went on to have 2 beautiful girls,
who fill our lives with giggles, laughter, 
tears, sharing, learning, teaching,
loving, giving, taking,
forgetting, forgiving,
and all the other aspects of
We would not change it for the world.

9) Its only the beginning!
I want my life to be orchestrated by my Maker.
Like musical notes arranged in order to create a 
beautiful melody,
I want my steps in this life to be ordered and arranged by him.
To point people to his beauty,
His face.

10) I hadn't planned this post
 to be this way!
I had pictures of country cottages
 and shabby chic items waiting,
but someone else had plans for this space.

 Am I allowed an 11th? I had tears writing this... :0)

Now I pass on the award to:



Shannon said... sweet! Congratulations on the award! Have a wonderful day!

Julie said... have me in tears. So raw and truthful. I am continually amazed how He gives us beauty for ashes. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I know you a bit better now. I can't imagine losing my mom, let alone at 19. So thankful that He held you and continues to do so! Thanks too for the award. I'll have to work on it this week. I'm much better at talking about the kids than myself! ;)

Sonora said...

It is amazing what we can handle and how we can find peace in the darkest moments of our lives. I'm so sorry for your loss. Life never seems to turn out how we thought that it would, but there is always joy if you look for it.
Thank you so much for the award! It means so much to me that you thought of me for this.
Have a wonderful day!

Laura said...

I think you should post one of your songs on here! :)

Just Me said...

Beautiful !! I just loved every single part of that post. I feel like you were right here with me sharing you, your heart. Oh, I love that! =) I am so glad I met you!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

such a stunning post. so bitter sweet. i lost my dad when i was 9. it's a difficult journey but thank God for His healing! you have such a beautiful family that is bringing the Lord much glory!

DORCAS said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I am glad we crossed paths!


Rebecca said...

My gosh I got to #2 and started tearing up. Would you believe I too lost my Mom at the age of 19 AND her name was Janice!! What in the world!! Oh and she was gonna spell my name like yours but at the last minute opted not to. Not sure why.

It's great to know a little bit more about you.

Thanks dear for the blog award!! Super sweet of you to think of me. I'm going to do some thinking and post when I'm ready (I'll let you know).

Rebekah said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Rebecca that is very strange! God works in funny ways doesnt he?

i'd love to hear more of yor story, if you ever wanted to share?

Hugs Y'all. x

God's girl said...

Wow, very, very, very beautiful:) I love how God woos us into loving Him even when we insist we will not! Sounds like we have more in common than I thought! Thank you for the award. I'm honored:)

Hugs! Heaven

Megan said...

How are you feeling friend?

Faith said...

This is so BEAUTIFUL!!
LOVE your blog template :)

Stacey said...

Such a beautiful post hun. Tears streaming down my face. Loving your blog's new look too. Love you hun. xx

eLisa said...

So nice to get to know you. You have a beautiful blog, and beautiful family, and beautiful testimony!

Anonymous said...

Hi to you all tasting this blog was indeed very thoughtful , post in this way give motivation whoever analyze this page:)


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