Saturday, 20 March 2010

Who is holding your heart?

Everywhere I look, I keep seeing hearts!
It may be a stone, shaped like a heart on my path,
a puddle in the road, a leaf, a piece of jewelry,
a picture, a postcard, 
My eyes can't help but notice them.

This morning, 
I was praying,
"Lord, pierce my heart! 
Lord, cause my face to shine with the light of you,
Lord, grip me with your love,
squeeze this heart of mine,
to know your touch,
your voice,
let it beat in time with yours.
Let it 
F E E L 
what you feel,
Let it 
like yours does,
for the 
L O S T,
for the 
B R O K E N,
for those who need 
a touch
Y O U."

I poured out my hearts desires to him,
I longed for his touch,
his words 
once again.

I felt his spirit gently speak and minister to me.
"Give me everything,
Give me more,
Give me 
of you 

This is my prayer, but it is a daily walk,
an hourly walk.
It is a relationship.
I am living,
I am learning,
I am failing,
I am running,
I am searching,
I am seeking,
I am loving...

Lord, do you hold all of my heart?
If not, please teach me how to give over the parts that I still hold.
My broken parts.
My aching parts.
My fearful parts.

Hold my heart Lord,
Let me put my trust in you with every corner of myself.
Nothing hidden,
nothing kept,
every part.

Psalm 84:5 
'You bless all those who depend
 on you for their strength
   and all those, who set their hearts on, and who deeply desire
   to visit your temple.'


drea said...

so sweet. thanks for the wonderful thought this morning. Much needed.

Shonni said...

Ohhh, this is so beautiful Rebekah!
My parents have always picked up heart shapes that they find out in nature...they have dozens of them sitting around the house. Guess what, when we brought home our newest son, he has a heart shape birthmark on his shoulder...What a cute little surprise from the Lover of our Souls.
Thank you for sharing this.

rebekah said...

Thats a pleasure, Drea, may you know his refreshing at this time..

thats so cute, both my girls have little birth marks, but not heart shaped!
How sweet!

Cindy@FromSeedstoSunflowers said...

Enjoyed peeking at your blog! I will be back - I am following you now. Thanks for joining my community on Blog Frog!! Look forward to getting to know you more.
Blessings to you,

Megan said...

You are such an encourager. Thanks for sharing.


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