Thursday, 18 March 2010

Talk at the cherry tree.

This evening, I was filled with thoughts,
filled with questions,
filled with wonderings of
"What if Lord..."

I have had a very emotionally tiring week,
things have pulled at my heart,
my emotions,
my time,
my energies.

I have found it difficult to find,
our secret place.
I longed, 
I yearned,
for something.

A word,
a touch,
a breath,
a whisper.

Nothing came.

Tonight, I put some time aside,
to bath,
and soak up a little 
quiet time.

I opened my heart 
I cried out,
"God, in this time,
this moment,
please let it just be us.
I need to feel your peace,
still my heart."

I saw him, 
standing in a calm,
grass filled field.
He stretched out his hand toward mine,
he smiled,
"Come walk with me"
he said.

I love the sound of his voice.
It is so gentle and yet so firm,
all in one.

I followed him.
We stood under a cherry tree,
in full blossom,
pink and pretty.
He playfully hung from one of its branches.
"What fruit will this tree yield?"
He asked.

"Cherries! -Of course! "
I replied,
It seemed a silly question to me!

He smiled, and pulled on a single branch.
"and if I bend this branch out of shape,
what fruit will this tree produce?"

Reluctantly, I replied,

"And if I break this branch here,
if I cause it to snap,
what fruit will this tree produce?"


He let go of the branches,
that had bent and broken under his grip.
He stepped back and looked up at the huge tree.
Admiring its branches, stretched out far in every direction.
Its trunk was thick & Firm.

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit,

A bruised reed I will not break.
You worry too much about your failings,
if you could have done better,
said something else,
prevented their pain,
I tell you,
do not worry! I am the trunk to your tree,
I am the firm foundation on which you stand.
In me, you can do all things!

He took a hold of my heart in his hands and I watched it light,
under a furnace of fire.
'I hold your heart
he said.
'It is pure,
because I have made it pure.'

'The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold,
 but  I the Lord try the hearts of man.'

'Now, go remain in me,
remain in my peace,
go in my strength,
go and live in my 
F R E E D O M.
For your branches will outstretch and reach the hearts of many,
M Y   L O V E .'

'Thank-you, my Lord, for you voice, that calms my soul.
Thank-you, for our talk at the cherry tree.'


Leah said...

Amazing - thank you! I've been praying for you this week; much love!

rebekah said...

Thanks Leah, I have felt covered in prayer this week especially.

There's been a lot going on, to deal with, but God has been good, and faithful. I feel his strength. :0) x

Laura said...

This is so amazing. I'm so happy that you got to experience this, Rebekah!


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