Friday, 19 March 2010

Homekeeping, tips and spring cleaning..

I have been busy spring cleaning today,
sorting out the girls room firstly.
It was becoming obvious to me that they are both quite 
grown up now!
They have outgrown a lot of their toys.
They play a lot of role play games,
pretending to be
M U M,
pretending to be
D O C T O R S,
We have a lot of toys that simply don't cater 
for their imaginations now.

So, I cleared out all of those and bagged them up,
for the attic.

I then made little areas in their rooms,
which encouraged their

One area, which was in place, but needed a bit of 
was their dressing table.

I sorted it out a bit, 
hung the mirror and the flower lamp.
Ready to play.

the dressing up!
Now, this used to have some order, but we have so many
'hand me downs'
It became a little overwhelming. 
 So I  hung and sorted that area to.

Its all hidden away in this wardrobe, so I don't have to see it!

Next books, tidied and sorted...

Then this corner was made into a little 
Here are all the things tat 
'Little Mumma's' 
will want to use.

Ellie watched me from her ball tent,

admiring the new,
organized layout!

On another note, Its Jessies birthday soon.

I am throwing an 


for her and her friends.

I wanted a fairy cake stand for the table,

It arrived today..

I was very impressed with its cuteness,

but slightly alarmed at the note attached!

It seemed strange, considering it was advertised as a 

Cake stand!

But, I think it also makes a lovely fruit bowl.

Lastly, I never realized this,
Call me silly,
or perhaps you didn't either.
We have always grown strawberries,
but we buy them as little shoots from
or such like..
But, a friend of mine came for tea and we ate
she left the heads on a plate and said
if you place them in soil,
face down,
they grow..
Didn't know that!

So, I did, here they are,
my babies!

Well thats my ramblings, from my
 home keeping,
Spring cleaning,

Have a lovely day.
Its raining here.



Laura said...

I really like the picture above your table!! And as for the cake stand odd! I wonder why they tell you not to put food on it.

rebekah said...

I know, very odd!! Considering it's advertised as a cake stand. Lol.
The painting is one of mine, but it's copied from another artist who liked to paint Jesus in many different ways. I liked it so much I did a huge canvas of it. I like how we eat around a table and 'jesus' is in our midst! X


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