Sunday, 28 March 2010

Who are you serving?

Who do we serve?
A man can not serve two masters,
Luke 16:13
Do not let the fear of Man
and seeking approval
shape your life.
Seek to please God!
If you understand and submit to Gods calling,
this will shape your life
and your relationships.
We are here to incarnate Christ to others.
We must understand our calling!
W e are here to live for His glory!
I either live for Gods Glory
Or I will live for earthly Glory
( acceptance and worth in life)
We are to confront people
2 corinthians 5:20
'We are christs ambassadors,
We are to make Christs appeal to others,
through our lives.'
We represent God!
What a scary thought!
Do our lives reflect Christ?
What areas perhaps fail in that?
How can we improve?
In Marriage- we are ambassadors
As a parent- We are ambassadors
As friends-We are ambassadors
At work-We are ambassadors!
This is why we must put away all selfish desires.
We are living representatives for God!
We can't serve ourselves and God.
We put him first in all things.
Trusting him to take care of all our needs!
We need to stay close to God if we are to reflect him.
You cant imitate someone you do not know!
Someone you spend every day with, you can tell how they react in pressure,
What they will find funny,
who they care about,
what affects them,
upsets them...
How close are we to the God we are representing?
How can we engage in a closer walk?

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Shonni said...

This is so true and such a great reminder...
Thank you for posting this.

Lisa said...

Too often the answer is not God. Thanks for the challenge!

Re: your question about jewelry, I am on a hiatus right now because of my babe. I really enjoy making it though and can't wait to make more. I'll have to post more photos on my blog.

Julie said... true. I thought of that in light of yesterday...when I definitely didn't reflect Christ to my spous and my children. But He so quickly wooed me back. I am so greatful! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for your sweet comment!


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