Monday, 31 August 2009

The end is near...

So, its bank holiday weekend, the girls have had a lovely Summer holiday, but they are starting to get restless now. We've pretty much done everything we can think of a few times over and theres only so much scrap book you can do in one day. As it was a sunday, I decided to cook a roast for lunch and then have toast and tea for our 'tea-time.'

 The girls enjoyed this, as they are especially into drinking tea at the moment. Drinking from porcelain tea cups made it all the more exciting.
We also decided to make named vest tops for sleepy time -Ellie is wearing hers here at the table, but heres a better look:
This morning, i woke and dressed the girls and made the breakfast. Jessie had a friend coming over , so we rose a little earlier than usual. These 'morning' photos made me laugh:
Tired, spaced out faces!
"Are you awake Jessie?"
"I guess not!"
This early evening, when Jessie's friend had returned home, i plodded down the garden with my camera and a bowl for collecting apples-I plan to make apple sauce or apple marmalade (will let you know how that goes) I managed to take a few pictures of the yield of fruit, both from the apple tree and the tomato plant.My feet stood surrounded by soggy, fallen apples on the ground and as i reached high into the branches for the 'good' apples, my thoughts drifted. "It seems such a shame to see fruit go to waste like this. It falls to the ground and is not used, so therefore it simply rots. I felt a familiar voice whisper , "yes-what a waste" Ponder ponder....
James tomato plant
Yummy Tomatoes
Apples for marmalade
Plenty more where these boys came from!
"Use the gifts that God has given and invested in you-dont let them go to waste!"

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