Thursday, 27 August 2009

Summer holiday in a nut shell..

This summer holiday has been fun, we have aimed to do things that cost very little or nothing at all!
This has proved to be quite easy after using a little imagination. Walks in the windy woods, taking adventures in the rain, feeding the ducks, visiting the beach, parks, swimming, paddling pool in the garden,
climbing trees, collecting apples and blackberries, baking, having friends over, going to the library to do the Quest seekers challenge, homework-involving creating a scrap book about our daily summer fun. Comfy slumber movie nights with mumma and dadda. We have had a lot of fun and I am a little sad to see it end so quickly. Here are some highlights....  :-)
Ellie found a bike to ride on our evening walk in the rain..
Jessie swinging under our apple tree.
Ellie climbing the apple tree-she really enjoyed herself!
Jessie relaxing on a sturdy tree branch.
Jessie kissing her 'twin.'
Our street.
Wonderful wet wanderings!
Jessie gets behind the camera..
Ellie finds a small snaily friend.
Down at the bottom of the garden.
Monkey madness!
Crafty caterpillars ..
Library books and scrap book fun..
Fun with friends on a splash zone..
Splash zone at a church fun day.
"Go Jessie Go!"
Space hopping..
'Rabbie' goes everywhere with Ellie,
She is her firm friend.

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