Thursday, 27 August 2009

Creative hands to serve him.

So, last night, I was trying to sleep. I was restless.
I wasn't so much as disturbed, but my mind was busy.
I felt happy, as thoughts flicked through my mind.
I smiled & I pondered. I was quietly talking to God in my thoughts.
I am enjoying where I am right now in life, the excitement of fresh paths, and new beginnings.
Thinking of all the wonderful things he has been sharing with me and showing me.
Opening my eyes to new dreams, ideas, desires & outlets.
I was wondering why it is that recently, I have had such a desire to journal and to write.
I have so enjoyed capturing my thoughts and putting them to creative use.
Creating stories about my children, poems, has really stirred my heart.
 Then, almost from no-where a sequence of memories filled my mind.
Memories of me being a little girl, possibly aged 5 yrs, being told that I had a very active imagination.
My teacher, at that time had told my parents that my imaginative writing, was commendable. 
I remember how proud I was hearing those words at the parent teacher evening; looking down at my work, marked with a star, that I had illustrated with crazy colors...
Then another memory  came to mind. I viewed these memories as if  I were watching a slide show. Following various events though out my life.
 This memory was from when I was approximately 12 yrs old. I had started writing a fictional book
all about the life of a teenage girl, who attended a boarding school. I remember the illustrations I had drawn, of all the characters, including the strict headmistress who wore a long black cloak & had piercing black eyes!
Poems, pictures, emotions and memories from times past, flooded back to me. All in chronological order.
 I then heard the voice of my heavenly Father whisper to me, "You see, it has always been there. I placed this desire in you and its grown as you have." I felt him smile over me.
I felt like something within me had engaged, a realization, an awakening to something that had always been present..I had just not noticed it so much.
So I will continue to enjoy capturing moments, drawing from my thoughts, stirring my imagination & all in the knowledge that my Father smiles as I do so!

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