Saturday, 29 August 2009

Beautifying babies!

 Today was a fun day, I decided to entertain the children by setting up a salon for them.
 I set it all up, while they entertained themselves quietly in their room, then when I was all set, I called them in.
"Wow!" Jessie exclaimed, "this is great!" They both jumped into the big black chairs and made themselves comfortable.
We pampered for over an hour, curling, cutting and trimming hair, painting nails, applying perfume, hand cream, face cream, make up and hair clips. 
They had such fun, little faces smiling with glee. Here are some snap shots:
Ellie receiving a hair cut and Jessie reading as she waits.

Jessie choosing perfume

Waiting for their nails to dry & Ellie inspecting the finished article..

Happy customers!

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