Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Slow living.

I found some old notes that I had written, after reading a book, last christmas on  Practical parenting. I was pleased to find, that we have actually taken more time to enjoy the 'small' things in life and have seen quite a lot of change in the family dynamics over the year. Too often, life takes over and speeds out of control, leaving you drained. But these simple pointers really help.

 * Incorporate bite sized  'slow paced living'  into daily life. 
* Make time for hobbies, walks, meals, board games, reading books.
* Don't lose your sense of identity, make time for what really matters!


Time to play, explore & dream.
Discipline - Be consistent, boundaries, Praise!
GIVE positive criticism. Praise a lot... :-)
Don't 'label' your children, find positive ways to talk.
They need your time. Re-boot their esteem and imagination.


Make time for yourself!
Devotional, Artwork, creative outlets, story writing, writing. counseling, coffee , relax and pamper. Use time wisely, ditch things that drain you and are not necessary. 

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