Thursday, 7 June 2012


'Dr. Robert Schuller's hobbies include raising koi fish. Asked why some grow big while others stay small, he replied, 'If a koi fish lives in a small tank it will never grow longer than two or three inches. In a larger pond they can grow up to ten inches long-in ponds the size of mine they'll get to be eighteen inches long-but if they live in a huge lake where they can swim and stretch, they can grow up to three feet long. The size of the pond determines the size of the fish. Similarly, little ideas in little-thinking minds produce little achievements. But little ideas embraced by big-thinking minds produce enormous achievements.' Jesus said, 'According to your faith be it unto you' (Mt 9:29). The size of your faith and your vision determines the outcome of your idea.'

A friend sent me the above today. It was spot on to some of the things that God has been sharing with us. 
We are both facing lots of CHANGE right now,
 or in the not too distant future.
We have been a bit lost in the process of these changes, 
but God has remained faithful.
As we prayed over future decisions,
I had a picture for us both.
It was of a plant, fairly established within a nice garden. 

Next, I saw the gardener come and dig up the roots of this garden plant and pull it out of its surroundings.

I knew that the plants represented us.
It was uncomfortable and frustrating for the plant,
Its roots were exposed, It lay vulnerable in the gardeners grip.
 All the  security of the soil had vanished. It could not draw any nourishment from the soil.
It simply had to wait and trust the gardener to place it within it's new surroundings.

The problem is, we can not really see that far ahead. 
We can not see the new garden space that the great gardener has prepared.
So we need to exercise our faith and trust.
 He promises to bless us, feed us, shepherd us, love us, teach us.

We can always stay where we are...
We can of course choose not to move on,
But I think the gardener knows when is the perfect time to move his plants,
to give them a better space in the garden,
to uproot them from a small area and give them room to grow.
Otherwise we may feel our roots going around and around the same things,
with very little space to live and feed and grow..

Let yourself believe.
Let yourself trust.
Let yourself dream.
Let yourself grow. 


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