Tuesday, 1 June 2010


A few weeks ago,
I was drifting off to sleep.
As I did,
I had this sudden image of a lovely purple flower on a mountain top.
I don't know how,
but I knew it to be a Crocus.
It was a strong image,
and as I studied it,
its surroundings began to change.
The flower remained,
As the mountains it was rooted on,
turned into the heat of a vast desert!
The sand blew to and fro,
around this Crocus.
Then I saw snow fall,
Then the winds came, 
they blew hard and fast around this flower.
the sun shone,
and hard.
The flower 

I felt God whisper into my heart.
"You are like this Crocus,
When the storms come,
you will not be shaken,
when the heat is on,
your faith will remain.
When the drought comes,
when you can not feel my presence,
you will

I was so moved by this word to my heart,
I had to find out more about the nature of a Crocus.
I got up,
and looked it up.

'The Crocus is considered a hardy plant.
Hardiness of plants is a term used to describe their ability to survive adverse growing conditions. It is usually limited to discussions of climatic adversity. Thus a plant's ability to tolerate coldheatdroughtflooding or wind are typically considered measurements of hardiness.'

I did not previously know this about these flowers.
I was taken aback by the accuracy of the word.
I was also encouraged to hear these words of comfort,
for when the tough times roll in,
and they do!
I take hope in the fact that,
if our foundation is firm,
if our feet are on the rock,
we shall remain.

 He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
       out of the mud and mire;
       he set my feet on a rock
       and gave me a firm place to stand.
Psalm 40:2


Claudia said...

This is lovely - thanks for sharing!

Colleen said...

What a great post! God never gives us more than we can handle, and in Him we will stand strong. Thanks for sharing! :)

Kristi said...

What a beautiful post, and how meaningful what God impressed upon you. This hymn came to mind as I finished reading what you wrote:

"On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand..."

I love that!

Rebekah said...

Thanks- it was a great encouragement.
I like the words to that Hymn. Not sure i have heard it.


Anonymous said...

Your words are always so beautiful Rebekah. I have never heard of a Crocus. What a beautiful flower! Thank you for such a lovely post. *hugs*

I have a new Blog: http://happyhomemakingwithkristy.blogspot.com/

beingzaraandzidan said...

what an amazing post. I love it
Btw, I have got an award for u. check it out on my blog. LOve ur blog & u derserve it!

B said...

How neat! I had never heard of crocus either. Although that probably would not be much of a surprise as I'm not known for my green thumb. :)

What a lovely dream. I truly appreciate the analogy to the strength of the flower. It comes at the perfect time for me. Thanks Rebekah.

Julie said...

What a beautiful dream witha poignant message. AMAZING!

Leah said...

Lovely, lovely - hope you're well pretty Mama :)

Lisa said...

What an awesome word from God! Those are the kind of words that you tuck away and bring out every time a storm rages. Our God is so incredible!

Stella said...

Do you remember the time we met at Mwnt and I said to you that you are an alpine flower, small, beautiful and able to withstand harsh elements. You laughed that it was a word about you having to go through stuff! It was true though wasn't it?!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

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- David


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