Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Baby Knight no 3

All is fine and well with baby Knight.
Healthy, growing at the right speed.
Good heartbeat.

When you have lost babies, 
it is such a relief and a joy to see that scan,
to see the little heart pumping.

I Thanked God yesterday,
For this beautiful gift,
I am excited to meet him/her now.



Laura said...

so precious! How are you feeling?

Rebekah said...

Still quite sick, but not as often. Getting there slowly!
Excited now, my bump is popped out for all to see..
:0) x

Colleen said...

oh I'm so happy and excited for you and your family! I hope that everything else goes well for you! :-)

DORCAS said...

So happy for you! Its a joy! Praying you feel better



Megan said...

I would enjoy seeing picture of said bump.

What a precious little bundle you have!!!

Claudia said...

Isn't it just a breath-taking wonder

Rachel said...

Oh how wonderful! I love those scans, it always made it real for me. How are you doing??

Lynda Young said...

again, congrats. Blessings to you and prayers

Laura said...

oh, I so want to see your cute baby bump!!!!

B said...

Those are really beautiful. It's so neat to see them. I never went through any of this as I adopted my son so it's so nice for you to share this journey. I'll keep praying that all goes well and that you keep feeling better!

Take Care Rebekah!


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