Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Take eat!

Its winter I know and we are well past the season for apples to be growing in abundance! We have a lovely large apple tree at the bottom of our garden and this year we used a lot of apples! Some we ate, some we baked, some we turned into marmalade and some we gave away by the bag full!
 Now however, it is winter. The tree is bare, it does not parade its glorious fruit. It is empty of apples and thin on leaves.
  Just like seasons exist in the natural, Seasons exist in the spiritual. Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to grieve, a time to live and a time to die.
 Spiritual seasons are not always parallel with natural seasons. We may be experiencing a cold, wet winter in the natural realm, but I believe we can be in the season of spring in the spiritual realms.
 I sense the gentle nudging of Gods voice, calling to us to "take and to eat"
 For everyone of us, that will mean different things. For some, it may mean taking hold of personal promises, for others it may mean stepping out and doing what has been on their hearts for years! It may simply mean taking a big bite of joy, where you have been feeling so sad.
 I feel it is a time for us to start taking a hold of things that God has for us. They are ripe for the picking!
We can however choose to leave these things. We can choose to sit back and wait another year, another decade.....but we may just be missing out on something wonderful if we do! Sure, spring time will come around again, but why wait, if its here now?

                   Take eat, I am giving this to you.
Take eat! I am giving you this fruit.
Take eat, I am giving you the keys,
take eat, you have all authority.

Too many years have gone by,
and now this is your time.
Too many years have gone by and I have heard your cries.
Too many years have gone by and you've said "father when?"
I say, "Take eat!"

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