Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas crafts and ideas

I have been taking a little break from blog world, but I am back and getting excited for christmas.
I have been thinking of gifts to make for friends and family this year, and have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Some inspiration has been taken from the shabby chic style. I aim to make little wooden heart door hangers with polka dots and little gingham ribbon.

For the children, I have been saving all my glass jars and their lids for a craft session, filling them with wonderfully colourful sweets and decorating them with lables and fabric tops.

There is also a lovely simple idea to decorate the home, with jam jars and tea light candles:

This can be used with or without sweets, it could be filled with little coloured marbles or stones. It also looks great with a candle alone.

I have been in search of a reusable advent calendar for the girls this year and have a good friend on the hunt for me in her local stores today-thanks kira!
There are some lovely wooden options out there, and also great fabric ones too.

The Fabric house is from Laura ashley and the other is a wooden advent calendar- both can be found on Ebay for a cheeper option. I have found some great bargains on there this year!

Look at this adorable little craft kit for little girls, a great introduction to sewing. I know Jessie will love it!


This one also is a great idea for gifts for the grandparents or Fathers day or Mothers day.


I think Fimo is also a lovely stocking filler as the children love creating things, baking them and keeping them. As a child I had hours of fun making little characters and jewelry from fimo.


Have fun with your family this year, I am sure I will blog after my crafty evening, with the above ideas in mind.

God bless.


Lesley said...

i bex, my sis is a child minder and is always looking for ideas like this. i will def send her your way. thanks for sharing. xoxox

rebekah said...

Thanks les, thanks for bringing your crafty goodness to our thanksgiving table last night. :0) xxx


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