Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Royal painter.

This morning I was having a happy little jig in the kitchen, along to some Imogen heep, whilst unloading the dishwasher. As I merrily hummed along, I was thinking about how I love to dance and sing. In my mind, I was thanking God for all his blessings and goodness. It was sort of spilling out of me. Then, this verse of scripture came to mind:

Ephesians 2:10 
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

We are all different, made up of differing talents & gifts. Some of us are very creative, some are academic, some love to write, some love to sing, some to ponder, some to speak. We are all made by God, for good works. We are little expressions of Gods brilliance, living here on little earth.
 I like to paint and draw and make things. I appreciate all things visually beautiful. I have a lot of my canvas art work, hanging in my home. Often people will comment like, " That is lovely, how talented you are!"
I just see that I have expressed myself, through art.
This got me thinking. People that appreciate my art work do not praise the painting, they praise the creator of the painting. They praise the talent of the artist, behind the art work.

We are Gods creations. We are displays of his beautiful craftsmanship, we are pieces of his heart, being expressed in human form. We are beautiful to him. We are hand made with love and affection, knitted together from conception, chosen for purpose in this life and beyond. He crams us full of gifts and talents, that sometimes we shy away from, or are too afraid to use.
 Others may use and display their gifts, but take all the glory for themselves, thinking that they are something wonderful, reveling in arrogance and pride.

God spoke to my heart today, using this illustration. "don't be afraid to let your heart out," he said  "Let it flow! Use your gifts, use your talents, because when you do, with the right heart, you show people what a wonderful creator God I am!'

We are like beautiful paintings, that our Father God has painted. When people see the beauty in us, we are giving God the glory he deserves. He is a creative God, and his art work is seen all over!!


Nili said...

What a wonderful post one that I will have to read again and again to let it all sink in.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Well said! Thanks for brightening my morning.

Just a quick note to let you know I am moving my blog to www.rebeccairvine.blogspot.com

To continue to follow me you will need switch over in your blog reader. Thanks!

petrina said...

little bits of His brillance...thats a keeper statement for my heart.


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