Thursday, 10 December 2009

The narrow gate

Before I begin this blog post, I would like to say that I feel a need, to start sharing some things that God shows me in pictures and visions. I often see very clear visions in which God speaks to me. He often uses this form of communication with me, with the intention to share with others around me. This particular vision is about following God, through narrow gates. In life we can make hundreds of decisions and choices. Some are easy to choose, others are harder. Choosing the right path and making the right decisions depends on many factors. Many moral choices we make are obvious, but there is also a path that God has planned for your life. Few find this path. This path involves giving up your own agenda. This path involves consulting your heavenly Father, asking him to show you where he would like you to go and how to live. This is not an easy thought for some, it can seem a hard to pill to swallow. Yet those that choose this path are amazed at the blessing, freedom, fulfillment that follows! Having made that choice myself, I can testify to its goodness! I truly found life when I decided to connect with my loving heavenly Father! I would love for others to do the same. Be blessed.

The Narrow and Wide Gates
Matthew 7:13

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. (14) But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

I stepped forward, toward the Wooden gate in front of me. Jesus was on the other side of the fence, smiling , with his hand out stretched, beckoning me to step through the gate. 

It was the narrowest gate I had seen so far. I would have to turn to my side to pass through this one. I sensed the spirit of God whispering at my ear. "This is the gate, that only those who have taken up their cross to follow Jesus, can pass through." I looked behind myself, back at the path from which I had just walked. On the floor directly behind me, laid down was my cross. I felt a little confused. 'had I taken up my cross and therefor carried it this far, or was I about to take up my cross?' I presumed the latter, for I felt convinced I would not be standing at this gates entrance if I was not ready.   I viewed the field beyond the gate, in which Jesus stood. It was dark, slightly lit by moonlight where the fence and gate were, but it darkened into the distance. It seemed muddy underfoot and heavily churned up. The ground was uneven and quite uninviting. I felt nervous to enter. Part of me wondered what good lay up ahead, for my eyes saw only darkness and heavy mud. But then I caught his eyes, staring deeply into mine. His face had the ability to soften my fears, quieten my heart and clear my doubts. He smiled, and I started to unfasten the heavy backpack which I was carrying. (Consisting of the fear of man, the  concerns of peoples opinions and self consciousness ) It was a heavy burden, and I knew that firstly, it would not be able to fit through this gate and secondly, I had no need for it. I dropped it to the floor and as I did,I noticed my clothing. I wore a white, satin night dress, thin in texture and silky to the touch. 

It had thin straps and struck me as very unsuitable attire for a walk in the cold of an evening. I felt very under dressed and then I saw that I was also wearing big black walking boots! Big sturdy, mud covered walking boots! 

Again, I looked at Jesus. His gaze and smiling face took away all feelings of awkwardness and self awareness. He reached his hand out for mine. I grasped onto him and he helped me up and through the narrow gate.
 The field was dark and he walked quickly up ahead of me, I was aware I needed to keep up and wanted to call for him to slow down a little, but then I saw the holy spirit hovering to the left of me. " He likes to keep a steady pace," he said with a smile. I moved my eyes only, acknowledging his words, but keeping my head facing forward, fixed on Jesus as he walked quickly and confidently up ahead. " you'll be OK here with us, we will keep you safe and show you the way to go," he continued. " it's dark isn't it?"
" it is" I replied. I was slightly anxious and was trying to walk close enough behind Jesus so as not to lose sight of him in the thick darkness. It was getting darker as we ventured on.
 suddenly I lost my sight of him. I could see nothing at all except the deep, thick darkness. It was heavy all around. Then I heard his voice.
" sit down here" he was speaking from  behind me . I bent low and stretched out my left hand to feel my way to the Item on which to sit. " here" he said reaching for my hand and directing it toward a wooden bench, big enough to seat the both of us.
We sat in the dark as he opened up a book on my lap. It was his holy word, The bible. It illuminated the area where we sat, like a log fire would. It threw a warm glow on the ground below and I could see his face lit beautifully, he was so loving and captivating. " my word is a light unto your feet and a lamp unto your path" he said. The warm tones in his voice smoothed away my anxious thoughts, that wondered where I was and where we were heading. Then a noise caught my attention. It was similar to the sound of a fire cracker being lit in the distance. I looked ahead to see a red candle like marker, burning and crackling in the darkness. Then another broke through the silence, just a few meters up in front, with a spit and a crack, it burned like the first. Then another followed in suit. Three burning candle like marker points lit a path ahead. They marked the way ahead.

I turned to look at Jesus, then i looked down at the glowing book on my lap, which had many red ribbons laid through it's pages, marking specific words and highlighting pages. " I am guessing I follow this path?" I said.
Jesus did not reply. He didn't need to. I knew.

Psalm 119:104-105:

           I gain understanding from your precepts;
       therefore I hate every wrong path.

              Your word is a lamp to my feet
       and a light for my path.


Julie said...

I remember doing a word study of Matthew 7:13. Something that always stuck with me was the word the greek meant
1) to press (as grapes), press hard upon
2) a compressed way
a) narrow straitened, contracted
3) metaph. to trouble, afflict, distress

It was scary and yet so encouraging. To KNOW to expect tribulations. To not wonder why the way is difficult. To let the Refiner's fire do it's work in me. And to step forward without hesitation, knowing He would guide me through the muck and mire. He may press us like grapes but from that will come forth the most fragrant of wines.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture with us.

Rebekah said...

Thankyou Julie!

I just came back from a prayer meeting, where I just cried, I new God was so close to me, yet, something about the path ahead and the letting go of all restrictions for him to use me as a vessel became heavy upon me.
I was prayed for and they said very similar to what you have just posted here, for me to read on my return!
He is wonderful how he pulls everything together!
Thanks for this!
I think I will go back to this passage and think on it in regard to what you have shared. :0)


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