Monday, 2 July 2012

So, you have surrendered.
You have resigned your will over to destiny.
You have handed over the reins and decided,
 that you will follow
your heavenly Fathers lead.
You can't see very far ahead,
You can only see a few of his footprints in the soil.
You can see just enough to start your journey.
You roll up your sleeves,
pull your hair back into a bun,
Take in a deep breath.
The walking boots sit about a foot from your bare feet.
He has left them there for you.
They are your size.

"He's thought of everything"
You say under your breath.
Your lips pull a side smile as you think about him.
"He always gets me,
He knows what I am going to decide, in the end.
He has everything prepared in advance for my journey.
I always have a choice,
but he knows what I have chosen before I do."

You feel waves of excitement and liberation about the journey ahead.
You have packed Faith and Trust in your backpack.
Essential items indeed.
You slide your feet into the boots.
Lean down to tie the laces tight.
Then you see his face.
The warmth of his smile fills you with comfort.
"I'm going to enjoy this journey
I can feel it within."
Rebekah knight 


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