Friday, 4 November 2011

The heart of the matter!

I was driving my children home the other day,
when a thought grew in my mind.
"What if, I woke one day, in a different time zone?"
Much like the 'back to the future' movies.
"What if, for some unknown reason, I woke to the same life,
same household home, same car, same duties, yet with different people surrounding me?"
Perhaps a different family, similar set up, 3 girls (a baby to care for in the day,
2 girls at school) a husband. People to meet at church, school run chatter with other mums..
Yet none of them at all familiar to me.
How would this make me feel?
I realised, perhaps a thought that had been met before, that even though we are surrounded by people,
unless we have relationships with them, we can be very lonely!
What makes life have any value, purpose, joy?
I KNOW my children, I am familiar with their characters and ways,
I have connections with mums at school because our children have relationships with one another and share moments together.
Sharing, engaging, familiar, connecting...
these are the very things that make life rich.
If I was to wake and have my home, my car, my duties, my school run, my church,
but the people that I loved were no longer there to share it with me,
then I would cease to enjoy or apply myself.
My initial thought if this were to be the case would be to make friends,
get to know the new people, build friendships and relationships once more.
I just found it interesting to really think about how important relationship is to us.
We are made like God,
in His image,
so is it not also of great importance to Him?
To have relationship with us?
To love us,
share life with us,
be familiar with us and us of Him?

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Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful <3

I was in blog land for a moment and wanted to pop in and say hi! :D So hi :) lol btw... after having this baby i feel like i woke up in another time zone :O lol Beautiful post mama <3


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