Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wooden Peg craft.

Today we set about to do a craft activity in the afternoon. We had a pack to make
wooden peg dolls.

Ellie very excited, before we began!

Here is the pack- A book, by KLUTZ, 3 pegs, and many items to decorate the dolls.

A peek within its pages...
Step by step guide.

Ellie enjoying gluing and sticking her princess.

On goes her hair!

My lunch was served during the craft! Thanks James. x

Jessie making a mermaid.

We also got given this craft book, also from klutz, a slightly older craft book.
Jessies Mermaid in progress.

Finally we made and decorated an under water stage, from a cereal box and craft items - this made for many 'shows' to be watched. Both Jessie and Ellie loved this activity. (Mumma too!)

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